Paddle Boarding San Juan, Condado

Looking for a fun water sport that is not only easy to learn, but also serves as a full body workout?  Try the paddle boarding adventure at the Condado Lagoon Natural Reserve next to Velauno Paddle Boarding Condado or at Piñones beach.  You can also try our paddleboarding private lessons with our professional instructors.  Explore and enjoy our three hour paddle boarding tours through the lagoon and be amazed by the beauty of this locations.


Prefer kayaks? Choose our kayaks and enjoy the adventure through the calm waters! 

Paddleboarding Activities

Single Paddleboard -  1 hour: $20.00  2 hours: $30.00  

Double Paddleboard -  1 hour: $30.00  2 hours: $55.00  2 participants

Mega Paddleboard -  1 hour: $99.00    6 participants






Super Paddleboard
Paddle Boarding Condado

Paddleboarding Personalized Tours & Lessons

Paddleboarding Private Lessons -  1 hour and a half: $75.00


Paddleboarding Cruise Ship Tour -  3 hours: $99.00






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