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Culebra, Puerto Rico

Looking for a trip around the air? book our airplane trip to Vieques or Culebra! This are both small almost private islands located at the northeast of Puerto Rico. They have the most beautiful beaches of the caribbean with clear waters and white, soft sand. Culebra's beaches are the number one atraction of many tourists from around the world. Try this amazing tour and be enchanted by the beauty of this small paradise.

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Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island



This is the iconic, horseshoe shaped beach famous the world over as one of the 7 most beautiful beaches on the planet! It is Culebra’s most popular destination. The sand is super white and the water is crystal clear with National Wildlife Refuges on either side of the “horseshoe”. 


A popular landmark is a World War II-era tank that lies just short of the shore, a relic of the time the U.S. Navy controlled the area. The surrounding area across much of the island’s coast is a nature preserve that protects nesting sites for giant sea turtles and large colonies of tropical birds.

Tamarindo Beach, Culebra



Is a stunning beach located in the “Cayo Luis Peña” Nature Reserve and is one of the beaches that Tobias visits. The beach is great for snorkeling, as the underwater sea life is extraordinary! Here snorkelers and divers will get to know the marine life that the waters of Culebra are world famous for.


Tamarindo’s beach is made up of white sand and coral stone and is over a mile long. The bay, being on the western shore of Culebra is quite protected from the prevailing easterly trade winds conditions that provide the clearest, calm waters; perfect for spotting a multitude of fish, stingrays and sea turtles. Look for sections of grass where the Sea Turtles come to eat and play!